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NovogeneAIT and Lucence Diagnostics Forge Collaboration to Develop Tissue-Based Cancer Tests for Patients in Asia

June 5, 2018

Lucence Diagnostics, a clinical genetics company focusing on inventing advanced cancer diagnostics, and NovogeneAIT Genomics Singapore, one of the largest next-generation sequencing providers in Southeast Asia, announced today a joint collaboration to develop next-generation precision medicine tissue-based tests for cancer treatment selection.

These tests will target cancer-specific genes more common in Asia and provide recommendations for patient-specific treatments. This information will help guide doctors on optimal selection of treatments for Asian cancer patients. Precision-based tests can lead to effective use of drug therapies, improved outcomes and fewer futile treatments.

Genomic profiling information can be overwhelming and challenging for integration into busy clinical practice. It is also important that Asian patients are appropriately directed to clinical trials in the region for common regional cancers to achieve the best treatment outcome. Led by Dr. Min-Han Tan, a world-renowned medical oncologist and clinical geneticist, Lucence will create a tissue-based genetic profiling test specifically tailored to clinicians’ needs. Leveraging on NovogeneAIT’s experience with large-scale sequencing, the test will focus on deeper insights from the most important cancers in Asia.

“This partnership combines NovogeneAIT’s high-quality tissue sequencing capabilities with our analytics and insights on Asian cancer targets and treatments. This means deeper and more meaningful interpretation for complex cancer genetics testing. Cancer patients in Asia will thus have the opportunity to receive better selected treatments in a clinically robust way,” said Dr. Min-Han Tan, Founder and CEO of Lucence Diagnostics.

“We are very pleased to embark on a strategic partnership with Lucence to establish a robust, reliable and cost-effective approach for tissue-based cancer diagnostic testing in Asia. Lucence is one of the most promising companies in the field of cancer diagnostic testing with several novel discoveries and breakthroughs in cancer research. Together with our deep expertise in next-generation sequencing technologies, this partnership will bring tangible benefits to cancer patients and significantly advance the field of precision medicine,” stated Justin Lee, CEO of NovogeneAIT.

For further information:

Lucence Diagnostics
Elena Tan
Tel: +65 6906 8567
Email: [email protected]

Dr. Pauline Ng
[email protected]
Tel: +65 8823 3182

About Lucence Diagnostics

Lucence Diagnostics is a clinical genetics company with the mission of fighting cancer through deeper innovation. Headquartered in Singapore with operations and partners in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, Lucence invents and delivers its proprietary genetic tests for cancer physicians to select treatments for their patients. Its key operations are supported by a central ISO15189:2012 accredited molecular diagnostics laboratory and a clinical cancer genetics medical center.

For more information please visit: www.lucencedx.com

About NovogeneAIT

NovogeneAIT Genomics Singapore is a joint venture between Novogene and AIT Biotech. Based out of Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) in Biopolis, it currently operates the largest next-generation sequencing (NGS) setup in Southeast Asia. By providing rapid, reliable NGS services and bioinformatics data analysis across a wide range of applications including whole genome sequencing, exome sequencing, and RNA sequencing, NovogeneAIT delivers cutting-edge and cost-effective NGS services to the research and clinical communities in the Southeast Asia region.

Please visit www.novogeneait.sg.

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