A world without avoidable cancer deaths.


To achieve early cancer detection, better treatment and less suffering through deep genome intelligence.

Who We Are

We are a precision oncology company that invents ultrasensitive blood-testing technology for early cancer detection and treatment selection. Our vision is a world where cancer is overcome with treatments guided by quick, accurate, and accessible testing of the hallmarks of cancer. Headquartered in Palo Alto, we provide liquid biopsy testing services for cancer care through a CLIA-licensed central laboratory in the United States.

We see the fight against cancer as a mission. If we can deliver early detection for all cancers to achieve cure, that is something worth our time, our energy, everything.

Dr Min-Han Tan Founding CEO and Medical Director

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Lucence is a precision oncology company with offices in Palo Alto, Singapore, Hong Kong and Suzhou.

We have assembled a dynamic team of physicians, scientists, geneticists, bioinformaticians and data analysts who are passionate about the work we do here to improve cancer care. We come from different backgrounds and nationalities but are focused on a single mission – to fight cancer and save lives.


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