Dr Min-Han Tan Speaks at Hong Kong Doctors Union Event

June 1, 2018

Are doctors ready for patient care in a genetic age?

Our CEO and Medical Director Dr Min-Han Tan was invited to speak to Hong Kong physicians on Tuesday May 29 about how the rapid introduction of genetics was changing the state of medicine. He described how deeper understanding can mean that even the humble blood count and basic serum cholesterol testing could be used for genetic diagnoses and expanded on how physicians could best utilize advanced testing in a meaningful way.

This luncheon talk was organized by the Hong Kong Doctors Union, one of Hong Kong’s oldest and most distinguished medical fraternities, as well as Zanolife, a healthcare service provider. The goal was to educate their doctors about the latest medical technologies and advances.

Lucence has recently expanded operations to Hong Kong. It is supporting cancer patients and physicians through insightful and non-invasive cancer genetic tests in the city.


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