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Dr Min-Han Tan Speaks at Urofair 2018

July 15, 2018

Urofair 2018 is a premier urology conference in the Asia Pacific region, bringing together over 25 international and 59 local faculty across the world in presentations, workshops and masterclasses for the region over 3 days.

Dr Min-Han Tan, our CEO and Medical Director, was honored with an invitation to conclude Urofair’s closing plenary with his look into the future for urological cancers.

Speaking on “Clinical Genetics for Urological Cancers: The Time is Now”, Dr Tan’s sweeping overview began with a description of how clinical data models and molecular testing had now been incorporated into routine international clinical guidelines for urological cancers in 2018, after decades of clinical research globally.

The plenary talk was concluded with challenges posed by Dr Tan to the assembled specialists: how should such sophisticated testing be introduced in the real world, alongside better clinician education? How should this be achieved in different healthcare systems, with the common understanding that better patient guidance should always be the primary goal?

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