Introducing Our New Company Brand

November 15, 2019

Lucence was founded in 2016 with our first liquid biopsy test that provides a non-invasive, affordable and viable way of selecting targeted medication for lung cancer patients. Now, 3 years later, our world-class cancer detection technology is applied to a whole suite of tests that work across blood, tissue and other specimen types to detect more than 14 different cancer types.

Today, we are updating our company logo to reflect Lucence’s ambitions as we advance the benefits of our cancer detection technology on a global scale. The focus on “Lucence” in our new logo embraces our belief that our company is not only about diagnostic technology — it is also about the people, physicians, and patients who make our work meaningful.

Over the next few weeks, our logo will be progressively updated across all our commercial, educational and medical touchpoints. We hope to have your continued support as we advance our mission to shine the light on more treatment options for cancer patients.

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