Lucence Diagnostics Partners with Bangkok Molecular Genetics to Deliver Advanced Cancer Blood Tests in Thailand

Media Release
July 24, 2018

Lucence Diagnostics, a genomic medicine company focused on inventing advanced cancer diagnostics, and Bangkok Molecular Genetics, a provider of genetic testing at the molecular level particularly in oncology and reproductive medicine, announced today a partnership to deliver Lucence’s advanced blood tests for cancer diagnosis and screening in Thailand.

Under the terms of the agreement, Bangkok Molecular Genetics will distribute Lucence’s blood tests for cancer detection and treatment in Thailand. The tests are based on a novel liquid biopsy technology invented by Lucence for non-invasive and fast cancer diagnosis. It detects DNA fragments shed by the tumor into the blood to identify cancer gene mutations.

Lucence’s liquid biopsy tests require only a simple blood draw, and the procedure is faster compared to a conventional surgical tissue biopsy. This allows doctors to make timely treatment decisions for their patients. The tests target the most common
cancers in Asia like breast, colon, lung and nasopharyngeal cancer.

Bangkok Molecular Genetics is a medical laboratory that provides molecular genetic testing services to oncologists in Thailand. With this partnership, Lucence’s liquid biopsy tests will now be made available to patients in Thailand.

“We are excited to offer Lucence’s advanced cancer blood tests in Thailand. At Bangkok Molecular Genetics, we always strive to implement the newest technologies to better serve the needs of our doctors and their patients. Through this collaboration, our customers will have access to Lucence’s innovative liquid biopsy technology for earlier cancer detection and treatment,” said Mr. Kriengkrai Tirawanichkun, Managing Director, Bangkok Molecular Genetics.

“Lucence is delighted to partner Bangkok Molecular Genetics to provide our non-invasive liquid biopsy tests for cancer diagnosis and screening in Thailand. We share the same commitment to improve patient outcome through innovation and will work together to advance cancer care for the people of Thailand,” said Dr. Min-Han Tan, Founder and CEO, Lucence Diagnostics.

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About Lucence Diagnostics

Lucence Diagnostics is a genomic medicine company focused on inventing advanced cancer diagnostics to improve cancer care. Headquartered in Singapore with offices in Hong Kong and the US, Lucence invents genetic tests that enable earlier cancer diagnosis and better treatment selections. Lucence’s tests target the most common cancers in the world based on its patented sequencing technology and in-house clinical analytics. Its key operations are supported by an ISO15189 accredited molecular diagnostics laboratory and a clinical cancer genetics medical center.

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About Bangkok Molecular Genetics

Bangkok Molecular Genetics is a part of BCC Group Thailand, which focus on molecular genetics in medical research and diagnostics, agriculture research, veterinary and technology transfer in lateral flow and biosensor. Bangkok Molecular Genetics provides laboratory service in cancer genetics testing using FISH, real-time PCR, NGS, CE and MassARRAY, and preimplantation genetic testing.

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