Precision Therapy for Gynaecology Cancers: 5th Genomics Tumor Board Meeting

December 4, 2018

The 5th national Genomics Tumor Board (GTB) meeting in November 2018 was attended by physicians from public and private hospitals in Singapore and Malaysia. Dr David Tan, Consultant Medical Oncologist and Clinician Scientist at the National University Hospital and the founding president of the recently inaugurated Gynaecologic Cancer Group Singapore, shared about the best ways to select precision treatments such as immunotherapy and PARP inhibitors for gynecologic cancer patients.

Dr Tan’s talk was followed by an engaging discussion with the participants on the impact of different genetic mutations on treatment response. In particular, there was strong interest in combinations of PARP inhibitors with other agents for better management of this multi-faceted disease, as well as with immunotherapy sequencing.

The GTB is a national meeting series organised by Lucence Diagnostics for healthcare professionals to discuss and share insights on genomic-based treatment of cancer. This November meeting was supported by the Singapore Society of Oncology and Pfizer. For information on the upcoming meetings in 2019, kindly send us your details through this contact form.

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