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Variant Interpretation Monitoring (VIM) Program

March 19, 2018

We understand that classification of cancer genetics can be challenging. What happens if BRCA variants are reclassified from uncertain significance to pathogenic, two years after the initial result? What if the doctor or nurse has moved on to another practice? To better serve our customers, Lucence is committed to reviewing all reported variants of unknown significance regularly and will re-contact the ordering physician if we receive new information. Details of this program will be updated to our existing customers. We are doing this so that our customers can trust us to classify genetic variants accurately and consistently for them.

Our variants are compared against both international and, importantly, Asian-specific genetic databases to ensure that our results represent the highest confidence calls we can achieve. Every case involving BRCA testing is not limited to next-generation sequencing, but also includes formal multiplex ligation probe amplification (MLPA), which is crucial for deletion and duplication detection of BRCA variants.

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