Lucence Announces CPT PLA Code Granted to LiquidHALLMARK®

News | August 7, 2023

Palo Alto, Aug 7, 2023.

The American Medical Association (AMA) has granted a Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Proprietary Laboratory Analyses (PLA) code for our LiquidHALLMARK® liquid biopsy test. The CPT PLA code uniquely identifies the LiquidHALLMARK® test for payors and providers, thus reducing administrative burdens and improving access.

“We are grateful to have received the CPT PLA code, which will help patients, providers and payors gain easier access” said Dr Min-Han Tan, CEO and Founder of Lucence.

LiquidHALLMARK® liquid biopsy is Medicare-covered for lung cancer under the Local Coverage Determination (LCD) L38043 issued by Palmetto GBA.

The new code becomes effective Oct 1, 2023 for billing, reporting and processing claims.

About Lucence
Lucence is a precision oncology company focused on bringing clarity to cancer care. Our ultrasensitive liquid biopsy tests are based on proprietary AmpliMark™ sequencing technology and data analytics for earlier detection and effective treatment. Lucence operates twin CLIA-licensed, CAP-accredited laboratories in California and Singapore. For more information, visit